My service for manuscript editing is unique. Here are some reasons:

  1. Unlimited editing: I will revise your manuscript both before and during the revision stage until it gets accepted in a journal.

  2. Scientific accuracy: I will check your references (cited papers) and see if you have interpreted them correctly.

  3. Your role: You might be heavily involved in the editing process. I might provide you with suggestions for improving statistics, figures, and sections (i.e., Methods) where I cannot edit alone.

  4. Writing style: Surprisingly, grammar itself is not everything. One can write a sentence with perfect grammar and not make any sense. Writing style is very important. If necessary, I will modify the style of writing. It requires aggressive editing.

  5. Statistics and logic: I will check statistics and make sure the results agree with the logic of the entire paper.

About me:

Born in South Korea, I grew up in Vancouver, Canada (currently a Canadian citizen). For my undergraduate education, I pursued Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill University and graduated within the top 10% of my class in June 2017. Subsequently, I completed a PhD at McGill University with Prof. Robert Hess in April 2021. My doctoral work focuses on neural plasticity and amblyopia. Since 2018, I have published 10+ research articles in fields such as pharmacology, neurosicence, and ophthalmology (see my personal website: and received four publication awards at local and provicinal levels. Since 2021, I have been Assistant Professor (Research) in the Department of Ophthalmology and Optometry at Wenzhou Medical University (#2 in China for Ophthalmology as in 2020).